Does Domain Age Affect SEO

If you are looking for answer to the question if domain age impacts SEO, then the answer is a big yes. Google doe take into account the age of the domain into
account when computing the rankings. Hence whether you are an end user or a SEO service London professional, you must always keep this in mind. Google
takes into account many factors and the age of the domain is also something that comes into play.
What Is Domain Age All About
Many SEO service UK professionals often make the mistake of calculating the actual age of the domain. In other words, they take into account the day and
year in which it was registered. This is not actually what one should be looking at. It is about finding out as to when Google indexed that domain. Just because a
domain has been registered a decade back does not mean that Google will consider it as a ten-year old domain. This is an important fact that one should take
into account. Many service providers often promise affordable SEO but they fail to mention to the clients this important fact.
A Few Other Facts To Be Taken Into Account
For a domain friendly we need to k now a few other things too. It would be wrong to believe that a one year old domain will have a much better ranking in
Google when compared to a six month old domain. There are others factors too which must be taken into account. A good SEO friendly domain does have its
own gestation period and Google indexes it based on regularity amongst other attributes. The gestation period could even be six months for some domains
while others could lag behind even after they have been around for a few years. Hence, it is the kind of search engine optimization efforts that matter along with
the domain age. This also is a point to be kept in mind while hiring a so-called affordable SEO service provider.