Are expired domains really good for SEO?


This article aims to provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an expired domain. It will help you decide whether an expired
domain could boot the performance of your seo service uk.
The good side of purchasing an expired domain.
1. Quality link profile
We constantly advise our clients to purchase an expired if the quality of the link profile is worth the price is right. This simply means that a seo campaign can
benefit greatly from the use of high quality backlinks.
2. Google loves old domains.
Googles optimization algorithms are notorious for down voting newer domains. This is due to the belief that older domains are more valuable due to their age.
In some cases we have seen webmasters get penalized for using aggressive seo tactics on new domains.
3. Expired domains are generally cheaper.
Our seo service london has advised numerous clients to acquire older expired domains due to their lower production costs. This will create additional room in
your organization’s budget for more projects.
4. Multiple domains boost seo performance.
There are super aggressive seo tactics such as the merger technique which leverage on the use of expired domains to build large networks and ultimately boost
your seo perfomance.
The dark side of expired domains.
1. Spam.
In pursuit of affordable seo some webmasters have made the mistake of purchasing domains with a history of spamming. Googles algorithms will always find a
way to down vote domains with a history of spreading malicious content in the form of spam.
2. Irrelevance.
An expired domain needs to be related to the niche of your desired target audience. One should conduct due diligence and ensure that the expired domain is
relevant to their pursuits.
These are the merits and demerits of purchasing an expired domain.
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